Through placing the patient-therapist relationship at the heart of our approach, we confer a special role and importance to the field of psychology at Up Together. We believe in the significance of human relationships as well as a person’s emotions, thoughts, behaviour and past experience with regards to their overall well-being. […]


A psycho-trauma occurs when a person is exposed to a traumatic experience, such as physical injury, verbal and/or physical violence or any other experience that might put the person or someone close to them in danger. Treating patients who have undergone psychological trauma is […]


Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology that studies the connections between the brain and psychological dynamics (such as cognitive functions, emotions or behaviour). Our neuropsychologist especially focuses on cognitive re-education that focuses on the underlying processes of […]


The specialty of Speech and Language Therapy focuses on working with children, adolescents and adults to find out if they present difficulties concerning speech, communication, written language, eating, drinking or swallowing. A SLT can also examine and support patients […]


Occupational therapists provide therapeutic treatment to patients with motor related difficulties by using everyday activities. This way, they can assist their patients in gaining or regaining, developing or improving the skills that they require for their daily life, such as at school or at […]


Psychomotor therapy is a specialty that takes into account sensory motor functions, emotional and behavioural components as well as cognitive functions. During the therapy, the patient’s body awareness, physical activity as well as relaxation techniques play a major role in […]


Coaching is about improvement and empowerment as well as setting, reaching and exceeding one’s goals. It looks at where a person or a business is currently at, where they want to be in the future and how they can reach their goals. […]


Today, we can see an increased number of students, young adults and professionals looking for advice with regards to their academic and career orientation. In the age of technology, communication and globalisation, the choice of careers paths can be overwhelming at times. […]

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