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A psycho-trauma occurs when a person is exposed to a traumatic experience, such as physical injury, verbal and/or physical violence or any other experience that might put the person or someone close to them in danger. Treating patients who have undergone psychological trauma is extremely sensitive and demands a high level of training and professional expertise.
Trauma therapy requires an integrative approach, applying different techniques in order to address a patient’s specific needs. At Up Together, our psychotherapist is trained in different trauma therapy techniques, such as conversational hypnosis, systemic approach, HTSMA (a form of alternative movement) and brief trauma therapy.


  • Physical assault / abuse

  • Sexual assault / abuse

  • Violence in the home environment / marital violence

  • Psychological and/or interfamily violence in the course of childhood

  • Any form of accidents with or without fatal outcome

  • Other


Jean-Pierre Senelle
@ CARE :
Monday, all day
@ St Pierre :
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning


Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

Consultation hours and days may vary from each therapist and exceed the office hours.

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