Project Description

Through placing the patient-therapist relationship at the heart of our approach, we confer a special role and importance to the field of psychology at Up Together. We believe in the significance of human relationships as well as a person’s emotions, thoughts, behaviour and past experience with regards to their overall well-being.

Psychologists listen actively, offer support and guidance and apply different methods and approaches to accompany their patients with regards to their needs. At Up together, we collaborate with various therapists, who are each unique in terms of their orientation, training and experience.

We can assess and/or treat the following difficulties in terms of a patient’s age group:


  • Attachment difficulties or attachment disorder

  • Emotional difficulties such as worry, lack of confidence, hypersensitivity or other

  • Psycho-affective disorders such as depression or anxiety

  • Interpersonal difficulties

  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Attentional difficulties and/or hyperactivity

  • Learning difficulties / learning disabilities

  • School refusal / school phobia


  • Burnout, stress at work and in the home environment

  • Emotional difficulties such as worry, lack of confidence, hypersensitivity, loneliness or other

  • Interpersonal and/or marital difficulties

  • Relational difficulties in the child-parent relationship

  • Family and couple counselling

  • Psycho-affective disorders such as depression, anxiety or phobias

  • Compulsive obsessional disorders

  • Eating disorders

  • Somatic disorders

  • Pain and chronic pain


Cindy Ramphul Juraver
@ St Pierre :
Monday & Friday afternoon
@ CARE :
Tuesday afternoon

Elise Koenig
(Maternity leave)

Fiona Kau
@ St Pierre :
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Thursday afternoon

Jean-Pierre Senelle
@ CARE :
Monday, all day
@ St Pierre :
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning


Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

Consultation hours and days may vary from each therapist and exceed the office hours.

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