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Occupational therapists provide therapeutic treatment to patients with motor related difficulties by using everyday activities. This way, they can assist their patients in gaining or regaining, developing or improving the skills that they require for their daily life, such as at school or at work. At Up Together, our occupational therapist has specialised in working with children and adolescent, particularly with those presenting difficulties in the school environment. In many cases, the OT treatment begins with an assessment of the patient’s current skills and difficulties, from which an adapted treatment plan can be established.


  • Graphomotor difficulties (pencil grip, slowness, illegibility, dysgraphia)

  • Visual-spatial perception difficulties

  • Gesture difficulties (handling and managing school material, artistic or sportive activities)

  • Gross and fine motor difficulties (in the school and/or home environment; dyspraxia)

  • Sensory integration difficulties


Louise Espitalier-Noël

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