Project Description

Today, we can see an increased number of students, young adults and professionals looking for advice with regards to their academic and career orientation. In the age of technology, communication and globalisation, the choice of careers paths can be overwhelming at times.
The more, there seems to be a rising desire for personal and professional fulfilment and an openness to new perspectives and professional re-orientation.

An academic and/or career counsellor assist people, who are unsure about their choices or which path to pick and who require assistance with regards to their personal projects. This kind of support can consist of individualised sessions and/or be complemented by an assessment. The goal is to recognise a person’s strengths and interests and to guide them with regards to their professional orientation.

Our Academic & Career Counsellor makes use of the Mental’O method – a method widely applied and recognised in France.


Nasrine Faucheux
@ Moka :
Tuesday and Thursday all day

@ Cascavelle :
Wednesday afternoon

remote work :
Monday and Friday

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