Our Philosophy

The human being, by its nature, embodies a richness and an incredible diversity.

The personal balance of each individual depends on a number of variables.

The beings that surround us, our inheritance, our environment make that we are each different, exceptional, complex: every person’s path, each of our problematics as an individual are unique.

Through believing in the importance of listening and placing it at the heart of the relationship with our patients, we believe that the multidisciplinary approach as well as the human nature are essential to understanding this relationship.

We believe in the synergies that derive from the interchange of different sensibilities, different specialties, different horizons.

We believe that this innovative and shared approach bears meaning and effectiveness.

We believe that through placing the human being at the heart of our multidisciplinary approach, we maximise the success of our patient care which enables anyone to access their proper “well-being” and to reveal their potential.


Cécile Ogereau
Cécile OgereauSpeech and Language Therapist (Orthophoniste)
After having finished her degree at the faculty of medicine in Nantes, France, in 2016, Cécile spent a year in Reunion Island…
Cindy Ramphul
Cindy RamphulClinical Psychologist
Cindy received her training at the Paris Nanterre University, France, where she obtained a degree in clinical psychology in 2018. During her studies, she accomplished several internships…
Elise Koenig
Elise KoenigDevelopmental Psychologist
Elise obtained a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology at the University Paris 8 through distance learning. She accomplished several internships…
Fiona Kau
Fiona KauPsychologist (Specialty: School psychology)
Fiona obtained her academic degree at the Ludwig-Maximillian-University Munich, Germany, in 2014 in English and Psychology. This university…
Laetitia Julien
Laetitia JulienPsychomotor therapist
Laëtitia finished her academic degree at the Institut Régional de Formation en Psychomotricité in 2018. During her five years of training she carried out several internships in different structures…
Louise Espitalier-Noël
Louise Espitalier-NoëlOccupational Therapist
Louise completed her Occupational therapy degree in Oxford Brookes University in England. During these 3 years, she completed three very different internships, which consolidated her experience in Mental Health, physical rehabilitation…
Morgane Loquy
Morgane LoquySpeech and Language Therapist (Orthophoniste)
Morgane completed her Speech and Language Therapy degree with great distinction at Institut Libre Marie Haps (ILMH) in Brussels in 2019.
She now wishes to settle in Mauritius…
Murielle Quevauvilliers
Murielle QuevauvilliersSpeech Language Pathologist
After a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Murielle graduated with a First Class Honours. There, she worked in a great variety of contexts; from highly…
Nasrine Faucheux
Nasrine FaucheuxAcademic & Career Counsellor
Born in France of Mauritian parents, Nasrine Faucheux grew up in Strasbourg and studied in Paris, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Management…
Vincent Mandrou
Vincent MandrouClinical Psychologist
Vincent has completed his Psychology degree and Master at the University of Montpellier, in France in 2012. During his studies….


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